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Retractable Belt Barriers

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A post featuring a built-in stretch belt barrier for indoor use

The Belt and Post Retractable Barrier System lets you set up flexible indoor cordoning

It can be used to form a series of different crowd control and queuing solutions

–          black in colour (post, base and belt)
–          910mm high aluminium post with a built-in stretch belt
–          the barrier post has attachment points in three direction
–          allows for the attachment of multiple belts
–          the retractable belt is 3.5 metres long
–          base diameter 360mm
–          very effective for crowd control and east to use
–          one set consists of 1 Post, 1 Base and 1 X3.5 metre Retractable Belt

1 x Pole, 1 x Base & 1 x 3.5m Belt (Set Black)


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